User Agreement

By using Let’s Move (“Application”) you accept these Terms and Conditions (this “Agreement”). Agreement applies to all users (“You” or “Member”) who access and/or use the Application and/or the related website https://   

Unless amended or modified, Agreement will remain active while you are a User, Subscriber or a Member. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, please do not use the Application.

The Application and Site are owned and operated by Let’s Move group.

  1. Registration

The user registers in accordance with the rules mentioned on the site.

For the purpose of simplifying the registration, the user can register via Facebook or Email.

During registration, the user is obliged to indicate the real data. It is forbidden to indicate the data of another person during registration. If such case occurs, the governing company reserves the right to apply to the relevant state bodies.

  1. Cancellation of registration

The user deletes all his/her data in the application and database by canceling the registration. The data will be deleted instantly, but the amount paid in the application will not be refunded.

The funds paid for purchasing the subscription is not eligible for refund
  1. Stages after registration

Game rules:

Any adult user can participate in cyber-sports. The game has two directions: Single Player Campaign and Hot Challenge – the challenge between verified users. The registered users will be able to participate in the regular competitions of Hot Challenge after purchasing one of the packages and paying the monthly participation fee.

Progress of championship:

During 24 hours, every 2 hours, the active zone, the so-called Hot Challenge, appears in random points, these points will be active for one hour. The goal is to arrive at the place before the rivals do and earn scores. Note that the app controls the speed of the movement of each participant . If the movement speed exceeds the limit defined and established by the local law, at first, the app will send a warning message to the user, and in case of repetition – the user will be blocked and  from the system. After this, the user can no longer recover the account and the amount paid will not be refunded.

Playing the Single player is free. The player can play infinitely and choose the campaign, which is interesting for him/her: Tour of museums, stadiums, cinemas, churches and other similar institutions. According to the campaign, the locations of these institutions are determined on the map in each tour. The goal of the player is to arrive and take each location.

  1. Price and terms of payment

For participating in the paid challenge – Hot Challenge, the participants will pay a monthly fee, there are 3 types of subscriptions. 1. 1 month subscription , the price is $8 per month; 2.  6-month subscription- $7 per month and 3. Yearly subscription – $6 per month.

The prize fund is created according to the amount paid by the participants and is determined by the number of users registered on each location.

Participants can also invite new members, by sending a unique, referral code. In case of purchasing the Hot Challenge, a certain percentage of the package fee paid by the new member is credited to the personal balance of the user on which the new referral player registers. The percentage rate is as follows: in case of registration of one new member, the old member will receive 5%, after one hundred registered members – 10%, and after 500 registered members – 15% per person.

  1. Rights and obligations of the company

The company is obliged to protect the personal data of each user and not transfer it to the third party authorities to protect user’s bank accounts, not to disclose the location of the participant; also, ensure full compliance with the rules of the speed limit by participants.

  1. Processing and protection of personal data

By using the app, the user agrees that the governing company will process the user’s personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Policy.

The governing company obtains the personal data during the service providing period and subsequently uses it for various purposes, which are listed below. The processing of the information by the governing company is not directed to harm the interests of the user.

The company collects and processes the personal data of the user in order to provide the service.

Personal information is obtained when the user confirms the mentioned privacy policies and agrees to the terms of use of the app at the time of registration.

The company is obliged to protect users in accordance with the law. The digital security of the app is strictly controlled in case of viruses and spam.

  1. Minors

The app services are not created or designed for people under 18 years of age and for the people who have not reached the age of legal consent (“adult by law”) about using the services under any jurisdiction. If you are not an adult by law, you have no right to download or use the services or provide us the personal information.

We reserve the right to have access to and verify any personal information received from you. If we become aware that information has been shared by the user, who has not reached the adultness, we have the right not to take this information in to consideration. If you have reason to believe that information was shared with us by the minor, please let us know immediately.

  1. General conditions

The terms set forth in these “Terms of Use” govern the terms of use of the application of the governing company.

Logging into the application (authorization/registration) and receiving information from the site or using the service means that the user agrees to follow the terms set forth in these “Terms of Use”, as well as the rules specified in the relevant description of a particular product.

  1. Consent and rights of the user

By registering in the app and using it, the user agrees to process, storage, and use of personal data by us.

The personal data of the user is protected by the Law of Georgia about the protection of personal data. According to the legislation, the user has the right to request information about the processing of his/her own data. The user has the right to receive the following information:

  • Which data is processing about the user;
  • The purpose of processing the data;
  • The legal basis of processing the data;
  • In what way the user’s data was collected;
  • To whom the user’s data was transferred;

The user also has a right to request the correction, update, add, block, delete or destroy the personal data obtained by us, if they are incomplete, inaccurate, not updated, or if their collection and processing is illegal.

  1. By agreeing to the agreement, the user guarantees that:
  2. Will act in accordance with the terms of this Agreement;
  3. Provide accurate and correct information about your personal data;
  4. Is fully responsible for the personal account and, also, for all activities, which take place during the use of the application with his/her account;
  5. Is fully responsible for any information he/she has provided.